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Fashion, architecture and graphic design from Brazil in international forum in China

The Sunhoo Festival for Creativity and Innovation took place in the cities of Hangzhou and FuYang to explore the relationship between design, industry, art and technology through art installations and an international forum. Keynote speakers included fashion designer Enesoe Chan, from Curitiba; architect Cecilia Reichstul, from São Paulo; and graphic designer Bruno Porto, from Rio de Janeiro.


Roots: J. Borges (1935)

Artist and poet José Francisco Borges (J. Borges) is Brazil’s best-known folk artist working in the woodcut medium, and his work has been exhibited all over the world. Working with just a knife and a chunk of wood, Mr. Borges proves that ”low-level technology often yields very powerful, moving and sophisticated results” […]


Roots: Magalhães, Aloísio (1927)

Aloísio Magalhães took his first steps in the field of graphic design took place while he was still attending law school in Recife. he set up, together with some friends, a modest print shop called O Gráfico Amador that, during the eight subsequent years that it was operating, published 27 books, 3 sets of fliers, 2 bulletins and a theater program […]