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Roots: ADG Brasil (Associação dos Designers Gráficos)

ADG Brasil, founded in 1989, has as its fundamental objectives to promote Brazilian Graphic Design. Acting as a channel between professionals, suppliers, entrepreneurs and the public in general, to affirm the profession’s identity, contributing for the country’s social, cultural and economic development […]


London Design Festival’s “Brazil Illustrated”, featuring Bruno Kurru, Wagner Pinto and Eduardo Recife

‘Brazil Illustrated’ brings together three individual artists — Bruno Kurru, Wagner Pinto and Eduardo Recife — whose work synthesizes the numerous possibilities of the medium in its multiple variations. The exhibition, curated by João Guarantani, concentrates on the possibilities of illustration outside its applied state, before it is appropriated by design and visual communication, and presents an exploration of the most expressive qualities of the medium in its raw state through site-specific installations.