The journalist and writer Millôr Fernandes died at 21h Tuesday (March 27th, 2012), age 88 at his home in Rio de Janeiro, due to multiple organ failure and cardiac arrest.

Millôr Fernandes

Millôr Fernandes, Journalist and Cartoonist, dies at 88

The journalist Zuenir Ventura, told Globo News, said the death of Millôr was a “terrible loss for journalism, for translation and for the theater. He managed the miracle of mixing words and pictures that would make you laugh, and yet still had sound philosophical basis. He was simply brilliant. His humor was accessible and would make you think. ”

In 2011, the writer was hospitalized twice in the Casa de Saúde São José, in Rio de Janeiro, but the reasons were not disclosed.

The funeral is scheduled for Thursday (29), from 10h to 15h, in the Memorial Cemetery of Mount Carmel, the cashew, the Port Zone. The writer’s body will be cremated

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