Design at the Edges

Design at the Edges

Design at the Edges: 2011 IDA Congress will take place from 24-26 October in Taipei  focusing on five keynote speeches – Biotechnology, Economic Development, International Migration, Internet, and Urbanism – in its morning sessions, with afternoons devoted to dozens of presentations on education, design practice, academic research, and multiculturalism, among other themes.  There Brazilians will join the ranks of distinguished professionals and academics from more than 40 countries:

Curator, journalist and writer Adélia Borges will deliver a lecture presenting recent Latin American projects concerning social innovation, with examples that will bring together product, graphic and interior design from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Designer Fred Gelli will be a panellist on the keynote session “Urbanism – Shaping Cities through Urban Design Strategies” alongside colleagues from Finland, UK and USA, also presenting the design of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 branding, developed by his company Tátil Design de Ideias.

Graphic designer and educator Bruno Porto will be a Category Presenter for the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards ceremony – Porto was a member of the jury of the 2010 ADAA – and a correspondent for Brazilian magazine abcDesign, a Media Partner of the IDA Congress and Icograda.

The International Design Alliance (IDA) is a strategic venture between the international organisations representing industrial design, communication design and interior architecture/design. The alliance was created by its founding partners, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) in 2003. In 2008, the IDA welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to the alliance as the third partner.

Design at the Edges
_ the edge between the design practices and other fields having a stake in design, including: science, technology, government, business and non-governmental humanitarian organisations;
_ the edge between design disciplines, especially industrial, communication and interior architecture/design-what do they share in common and what sets them apart;
_ ‘cutting edge’ work and ideas in design and in other fields: radically new, controversial, experimental, pushing the boundaries of the discipline.

via 2011 IDA Congress, Taipei and ICOGRADA | Design at the Edges: 2011 IDA Congress.